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Good morning, friends. I hope your weekend was a great one!

To start of this Monday morning, I would like to share some of my wonderful blessings with you. As most of you know, I’ve landed some new clients over the past few months, and a couple of my clients hire other writers, too. I wanted to give you the chance to add to your clientele by sharing a couple of those writing jobs with you.

Since December, I’ve been writing articles for eHow, which you can check out here. If you go to the site you’ll discover that they only pay for page views. However, Demand Studios will pay you to write articles for the site. So, if you go through Demand Studios and they hire you as a writer, you’ll be paid $10 per article as well as for the page views the articles receive. I’m currently on my fourth assignment with Demand Studios, and after my second assignment, Demand Studios added to my blessings with a $5 raise. Now I’m paid $15 per article instead of $10. I don’t know if this is something they offer all their writers, but it may be something to look forward to if you’re hired and do a good job.

The articles are short step-by-step articles, so they don’t take too long to write, and for your first assignment, you should be assigned 10 articles with a one-week deadline. Demand Studios pays by check once a month, and they’ve paid me for each assignment thus far.

That will do it for me on this Monday morning. If you apply for one or both of the above-mentioned writing jobs, I hope you’re blessed, too. And by all means, do come back and let me know if you landed one or both of the jobs in the comments area.

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