Sick Day

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Nope, not me… my laptop. It seems my laptop caught a nasty virus yesterday. I searched Google for “create crosswords,” and when I click on one of them (I think it was the fourth or fifth result) my computer started going nuts with pop-ups. Unfortunately, those pop-ups put a Trojan in my computer, and I spent all day and all night (until 4am) trying nurse my laptop back to good health. When I was unsuccessful in removing the Trojan, I had to break down and restore it back to its factory settings this evening. (Thank God for that feature; it saved me money!) I am thankful that I backed-up all my files to CD. I guess I’ve had so many unexpected viruses over the years that I’ve finally learned my lesson: Back-up those files often (usually every night before bed). Needlesstosay, I will just find another fun activity for the July edition of Coffee Break for Writers, because I’m really not in the mood to click on any more sites that help you create crosswords for your Web site or e-zine. After the July edition, though, I just may search the JavaScript site I visit often. I hear there is a JavaScript that will let you create a crossword puzzle for your Web site. You see, I’m considering putting Coffee Break for Writers on the Internet now instead of sending it as a PDF. Therefore, I will need a crossword puzzle for a Web site.

Aside from the frustration of trying to get rid of the virus that attacked my computer so I could return to writing and making more money to pay my bills, I fortunate enough to still make some cash. Turns out I was paid for some articles I sold while my laptop was on its sick bed. These articles sold as reprints, but just in case you haven’t read them yet, the links follow (click their titles to read them):

Buyers Guide to Renters Insurance
Indoor Amusement Parks

It has been a long two days so I think I’m going to get some rest now. Until next time, take care and don’t forget to back-up your files. 🙂


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