Sources Wanted — Entrepreneurs/Freelance Writers

Are you an entrepreneur or freelance writer looking for some extra exposure? If so, I could use your assistance. In return for your assistance, you’ll receive a link to your website or blog.

I contribute regularly to a blog that promotes How to Become a Total Failure: 10 Rules of Highly Unsuccessful People, written by Bill Guillory and Phil Davis. With that said, I’m looking for entrepreneurs and freelance writers who have made mistakes in their business and learned from those mistakes. In fact, many businesses have become successful by learning from their mistakes. Did you ever make mistakes when you first began your business, and later you learned from those mistakes, which contributed to your success today? If you’re nodding your head, then please contact me and tell me your story. Let me know what business mistakes you made, what you learned from them, and where you’re at today. If I need any additional information, I will let you know via e-mail. Also include your name, title (i.e. CEO, editor, author, freelance writer, journalists, etc), the title of your website or blog and the URL to your website or blog so I can link to it as promised. By sharing your business mistakes and what you learned from them, you’ll not only be helping me, but you’ll also be helping others, too.

Send your story and information to services(at) Please put “Business Mistake Story” in the subject line. I will confirm receipt of your story via e-mail and let you know when your story will be published on the How to Become a Total Failure blog.


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