Special Discount: Save 30% Off on My Books!

I would like to take this time to tell you about a special discount offer I currently have in place. What am I offering? A savings of 30% off your purchase on any of my books! You can invest in as many copies as you like at this reduced price. Also keep in mind, Christmas is just around the corner, and both books make a fantastic gift!

How much are the books at this special price? Glad you asked! Both books retail for $12.95 each, but today you can get your hands on them for $9.00 each. This offer is only available through me, so to take advantage of the offer, you MUST obtain your copy or copies from me, and every copy will include my autograph. Claim your discount today! Act fast, because this offer will end soon (November 29,2006)! Don’t miss out!


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