Spring Fun

Kids searching for four leaf clovers
In search of four leaf clovers.

The spring weather has finally arrived! I’m so happy it’s more like spring now. For the past few weeks here in Southern Illinois, it has felt more like winter than spring.

This weekend the long-awaited spring temperatures finally decided to shine, and my husband, kids and I took advantage of the beautiful weather. Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed a game of Croquet. It was a blast!

It was so nice to play games outdoors rather than indoors. During the winter months, we usually spend our weekends at the kitchen table playing family board games. Then when spring and summer arrive, we enjoy the yard games. We also look forward to fishing and camping. The kids already said they’re ready to go fishing, and I am too.

It’s a shame y’all couldn’t have joined us this weekend for the fun, but since you couldn’t be here, I’ll just share a few pictures with you instead. Speaking of pictures, the one at the top of this post is the young ‘ins searching the grass for four-leaf clovers. 🙂 I guess you could say this is another game my husband cooked up for them.

Once my husband beat us at croquet, I had to start supper,so we decided to quit for the day. However, the kids began complaining there was nothing to do, so my husband told them he’d give them a quarter for every four-leaf clover they could find. As expected, they raced outside and immediately began searching for the four-leaf clovers.

While the kids were outside searching through the grass hoping to earn lots of quarters, my husband told me that “game” keeps kids busy for hours, and you know where they are. He was right about that. They were enthralled, and I everytime I looked out my kitchen window, they were in the same spot.

It hadn’t been five minutes until my youngest son raced back into the house with a four-leaf clover and earned his first quarter. He was so happy he went back to the same spot and searched again, so he could earn another quarter. About 10 minutes later, he returned and earned his second quarter. Needless to say, he nor the other two found any more four-leaf clovers after that. I was beginning to wonder and actually hoping they’d find quite a few just to see how many quarters hubby could give out before the well ran dry… LOL.

Enjoy the pictures! I have to go now to write an article that is due tomorrow.

Spring fun -- JB playing croquet
JB, my oldest son, playing croquet.
Spring fun -- Joe playing croquet
Joe, my youngest son, playing croquet.

Spring fun -- Cyndie and Joe playing croquet
Cyndie, my first-born, and Joe, playing croquet.

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