Storms Move Through My Area

I’ve been offline since Friday afternoon due to some bad storms that moved through my area. See, to be on the safe side, I ALWAYS shut my computer down and unplug it during storms, and it seems I’ve been shut down since Friday. Some mean storms just keep moving through the area. One tornado warning after another last night.

I was thankful to be inside my basement home last night, but when the really bad storm started yesterday afternoon, my husband and I were on our way home from town. While driving, my cell phone rang. It was my Mom asking where we were. I told her we were just leaving town and on our way home. She told me she was at my aunt’s house because there was tornado warnings all around us. (Mom lives in a trailer, that’s why she went to my aunt’s house.) Of course, there wasn’t much I could say except that we were on our way home. Mom also told me a funnel cloud was spotted in Glendale, and that scared me since our home was not far from there. At that point I didn’t know if we were better off where we were, but we continued to head for home.

We did make it home, thank God, but no more then two minutes after entering our house, the storm hit — high winds and dangerous lightning! I immediately turned to NBC for the weather reports (I always watch News Channel 6, because I think they give the best weather and news), and it wasn’t long until we were under a tornado warning. We got lucky, though. No tornadoes hit us, but just about 30 to 35 miles down the road a tornado did touch down. Some homes were destroyed and there were a few injuries, but thank God there were no deaths.

I’m thankful the storms have passed over, and now all that’s left is some flooding around the area, and, of course, clean-up efforts from tornadoes that did pass through around us. However, I did turn the news on this afternoon to find out there was one death related to the flooding: A man was killed when his vehicle was caught in the flood waters. If I remember right, I believe it was a man from Western Kentucky — my thoughts and prayers are with his family tonight; may God bless and comfort you all!

Until next time, take care of yourself and your family.


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