Struggle for Words

For the past few weeks, I have had a terrible time trying to put words onto paper. I guess my brain froze up and wouldn’t allow me to think, because the words just wouldn’t flow! I got so darn aggravated with my brain and myself, and the more agitated I got, the worse my struggle for words became. I had several ideas that I had written down, so coming up with something to write about wasn’t the problem. Instead, coming up with what to say was the major problem! This whole struggle for words hit me at bad time, but doesn’t it always? It hit me at a time when I was working long hours to churn out query letters, cover letters and articles so I could find some freelance writing gigs to help get my family out of the financial rut we’re in right now. Therefore, when this struggle for words hit me like a ton of bricks, everything came to a sudden halt! However, I’m happy to report that I didn’t come to a halt, just my words. Regardless of the words not flowing freely, my butt remained in my chair, and my fingers remained on my keyboard… but nothing else happened. Moreover, the longer I sat with my eyes fixed on that stupid blinking cursor and a blank Word document, the worse my struggle for words became. Even though I fought my struggle for words, I will admit there were times I just wanted to scream, but I knew if I did, I would wake everyone in the house and probably the neighbors too.

Finally, late Friday night my struggle for words ended! When the blinking cursor made my struggle worse, each night I would still continue my usual search for freelance writing jobs. Then, after I applied for the freelance writing jobs I qualified for, I went to read other writers’ blogs. Once I finished reading the other writers’ blogs, I headed for Google to search for free short stories in genres I enjoy reading. (When I don’t have a book to read, I search the Internet for some free reading; sometimes reading helps get the words to start flowing again.) Turns out all of this must have helped, because as I just mentioned, the words began to flow again, and I mean flow! On Friday night, words for an article ran rapidly through my head, and I knew I had to open Word and start typing as fast as I could. Within minutes, the article was complete, and I had no struggle at all for words. I was as happy as a child on Christmas morning!

I had been praying every since the struggle for words hit me. I asked God to help me overcome my obstacle, so when I completed the article Friday night, the first words that came out of my mouth was, “Thank you, Lord!” After all, I owed him that and much more. It may have taken him a few weeks to answer my prayer, but he did answer. They say that sometimes the Lord may not answer when we want him to, but if what we’re asking for is in his plans for us and we have faith, he’ll eventually answer. Of course, I knew all of this already from past prayers and talks with the Lord, but the thing I need to work on is patience. I guess that will be my next prayer — a prayer for patience.

Until next time, may all your words flow freely, and may the Lord bless you with an answer to your prayer.

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