Surprise Mom!

Well, spring is finally here, and unfortunately, so are the spring thunderstorms. My husband promised the kids he would fix their go-cart once the weather got warmer. The weather has been warm since he told them that, but the rain and storms have put a damper on the plans to fix the go-cart.

Finally, a warm day arrived! However, it rained the night before, but my husband was determined to keep his promise, so he braved the wet yard and fixed the go-cart. The kids helped him work on it and were excited once they finally got to drive it around the yard. The excitement ended the next day when something else went wrong with the go-cart.

Since the kids didn’t have the go-cart to ride anymore, they decided to entertain themselves in a different way. Well, at least my oldest son did. It was April Fools day, and they had been pulling all kinds of pranks on me that day. In fact, they pulled so many that I quit believing them. My daughter came in and announced that “Bubby” found a mud hole and was covered in mud.

“Yeah, right,” I replied, thinking it was another April Fool’s prank.

“No, Mom. It’s not a prank. He really is covered in mud.”

Springtime fun
Boys will be boys... LOL

I told her to send him in so I could see for myself. She wasn’t fooling! When he came to the door, indeed, he was covered in mud! I couldn’t help but laugh at him, but I did wonder how on Earth he got that muddy from a little mudhole. I soon found my answer when I stepped out the door and discovered my daughter with the waterhose, making the area in the yard where my husband got stuck with the mower even muddier. I then ordered her to shut the water off before she made the yard look worse than it already was. After she obeyed my orders, I grabbed my camera from the house to snap a picture of my muddy son.

After I took the picture of my son, I sprayed the worst of the mud off him with the waterhose before letting him in the house. Once the worst of the mud was off, he jumped in the shower to get the rest off. We’re only young once, right? Therefore, I seen no harm in letting him be a boy and have fun. Besides, I couldn’t scold him after I laughed about the whole ordeal.


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