Taking a Trip Soon!

Back in June 2004 my husband and I got married, but because of our busy work schedules, we were unable to take a honeymoon. Instead, after our wedding, my mom took the kids and we went into town, rented some movies, ordered a couple pizzas, headed home, watched movies and ate pizza. Nope, not what you’d call a honeymoon.

Just the other day my husband surprised me with some exciting news. He told me this winter we were going to finally take the honeymoon we never got. He knew while planning the wedding I wanted to go to Gatlinburg, TN and enjoy the Smokie Mountains; we had plans to rent one of those cabins too. However, as I already stated, we were not able to take the honeymoon because of our careers, and also because our finances at that time wouldn’t allow.

I was so pumped up when he delivered the news, and it made me smile when he said we would go to Gatlinburg and rent a cabin with a hot tub and the works. I still can’t believe it!

Hubby and I have been through Tennessee on our way to North Carolina at least three times, but it wasn’t what you’d call a vacation. We went there to visit his kids twice, and the last time — about two years ago — we went because his kids were involved in a car accident. Other than a few scratches, bruises and soreness, the kids were okay, but he wanted to go so he could check on them, and I understood completely. These are the only trips we’ve ever taken together, so, no, I really wouldn’t call those trips a vacation, would you?

Anyway, back to Gatlinburg. He said we would stay a week. He also said in the winter a lot of the museums and things aren’t open, but he said we would go back again in the spring. I love Dolly Parton, but he did tell me Dollywood isn’t open in the winter; shucks. 🙁 It doesn’t matter, though. As long as I get to spend an entire week with him and finally get a honeymoon, not to mention a much-needed vacation, I don’t mind not visiting Dollywood. I do, however, hope some places are open. I’d love to visit Cooter’s Place, the Guinness World of Records Museum, Hollywood Star Cars Museum and many of the other interesting and unique attractions in and around Gatlinburg.

I will be taking my digital camera along and my notebook to take notes. Yep, when I return, I hope to write some articles about my visit, and maybe some reviews of the cabins we’ll stay in, places we’ll eat, etc. Nevertheless, since I will be on my honeymoon, I won’t do much writing at all (hard habit to break), but I will take a few notes and pictures to remember things.

Right now, when I’m not writing articles, As the World Turns updates, or etc., I’m exploring the Internet for attractions in Gatlinburg. I’m also looking for discounts. Hmmm… I’m thinking being a writer with plans to write about my visit could help with the discount department. If you’re a writer and have any tips to pass along on getting discounts, please let me know. Oh yes, if you know of any other unique and interesting places around Gatlinburg that you’ve visited and can recommend, by all means, let me know about them too.

Well, now that I’ve shared my excitement with you, I’ll go. No date has been set yet, but when it is, I will let you know, because I won’t be blogging during that time.

UPDATE: While it was nice to get excited about the trip, it got delayed again. 🙁 Oh well, I still hold on to the hope that we’ll get to take our honeymoon one of these days.


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