The Birth of Help From Above

A heartwarming Christian fiction book to enjoy and share with your loved ones!Good evening! I know I said I would post this yesterday, but unfortunately, I had computer problems last night and an emergency that morning. However, now that things are back to normal, I will reveal the answer to the question I am asked often: How was Help From Above born?

Around 1998 I took a course on basic novel writing through Writer’s Digest School (now Writer’s Digest University) . When my course materials arrived by mail, my instructor informed me that the first thing I needed to do was come up with an idea for a novel. At the time, I had a basic idea of what I wanted to write about, but didn’t know for sure how I was going to put it together. You see, I always enjoyed shows about angels helping other people, and the TV drama, Touched by an Angel, was my favorite show; I watched it faithfully. That said, I knew I wanted to write a novel about an angel helping someone.

While growing up, I watched my cousin’s life spiral out of control due to her addiction to drugs and alcohol. I saw, first-hand, how the drugs and alcohol affected her, and it was then that I decided I wanted to help others by showing them what drugs and alcohol can do. Thus, using some of the course materials, I outlined my story and created my main characters. Then, for about a week, I brainstormed until I came up with what I thought would be a good title. I questioned many titles, but Help From Above kept coming back to my mind, so I finally chose to stick with that title.

As I began writing Help From Above, I knew I wanted to write it to help adults and young adults, so they became my target audience. My hopes were that both adults and young adults would learn from George’s experience by seeing how drugs and alcohol affected him. I wanted my readers to see that you can become addicted, and I wanted them to learn about the bad things that could come from using drugs and/or drinking alcohol. Furthermore, I knew my Christian fiction novel would include an angel, and that’s how Ronald came about. Ronald was George’s guardian angel.

I dedicated the book to the memory of my cousin, because while I was still writing Help From Above, I received a phone call that she had passed away. Her addiction with drugs and alcohol over the years messed up her liver, which resulted in her death. I was devastated when I learned about her death, so I decided to dedicate the book in her memory.

In conclusion, Help From Above was written to show the effects of drugs and alcoholism, as well as convey a message to all that God cares for everyone, sinners and non-believers included .

If you haven’t invested in a copy of my Christian fiction book yet, I encourage you to do so today. Help From Above would also be a fantastic gift for any teenager! Maybe after they read about George’s experience and his struggles to recover, they’ll “just say no” to drugs and alcohol.


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