Time For A Change

I guess you could call this my personal testimonial to the Lord; however, it will also be for you, my readers as well…

Very early Sunday morning I realized my purpose in life was to write more words that will inspire and/or touch my readers in some way. I’ve known from the beginning of my writing career that God blessed me with the talent to write, and I’ve always tried to thank him for that blessing by writing words that would inspire and touch others. Nevertheless, like all writers — aspiring and veteran — I have to put food on the table for my family. In order to help my family, I have searched for writing gigs and God blessed me with those gigs, but some of those writing assignments involve a different genre of writing, a genre that’s hard to put inspiring words into, so I’ve decided to start writing my short stories again and selling them to publications. These short stories will be where I’ll write more inspiring words that I hope you’ll find some comfort it.

In addition to the aforementioned change, I’ve also started rewriting Help From Above, my Christian fiction novel. The storyline won’t change, and while much of the novel has already inspired many, the changes I have planned for the novel should inspire even more than it already has. Once I complete the rewrite and republish it, you’ll be the first to know, because I’ll make that announcement here on my blog, before I send out the press release.

Don’t think this change has caused me to give up my current clients. Those clients were answered prayers and they help put food on the table for my family, so I’ll continue to write for those clients. Besides, I do enjoy writing the articles I submit to them, too. So where’s the change? In addition to remaining dedicated to my current clients, I’ll work my other projects into my schedule. Those projects, of course, will be the inspirational short stories I plan to write and pitch to publications, as well as the rewrite of Help From Above, which I’ve already worked into my schedule.

I truly believe this is my purpose on Earth, or should I say God’s plan for me: to write more words that will inspire, touch and help others in some way. I tell ya, I felt the strong presence of the Lord Sunday night when I asked him, “Lord, is that what I’m supposed to do?” When I felt his answer, I thanked him. Therefore, if you’re still reading my blog, please continue reading for updates on how things will be going. Then when I get one of my inspirational stories published and finish the rewrite of Help From Above, you’ll read about it here. If you haven’t already, just subscribe to my RSS feed or via email to stay informed.

If you’d like to interview me about this change, Help From Above or anything related to my writing life and how I use faith and prayer to get through it all, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m also open to being a chat guest or speaking on your radio show. I would love to inspire or give hope to your readers and/or listeners as well. And yes, there will be a place for interviews, speaking and etc. on my busy schedule too; it’s all part of what God has in store for me.

Until the next post, take care of yourself, follow what you feel the Lord wants you to do, and by all means, don’t forget to give Him thanks each and every time He blesses you.

By the way, I’d like to say happy birthday to my son who just turned 14 today. He’s another one of my many blessings from the Lord. So, happy birthday, JB! Mom loves ya!

Photo credit: Alice Popkorn

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