Time Management for the Busy Freelancer

Is your schedule so overwhelming you can’t seem to find enough time in the day for everything? Maybe I can help by sharing my weekly schedule, which helps me complete clients’ projects, work on my personal projects, and market my writing services, websites and blog.

I’ve revised my writing schedule many times. Actually, I’d say I do this at least once a year. The only reasonable explanations I can give for changing it so much are (1) I’m always taking on new clients, which means I have to make room for them all. (2) Change keeps me from getting tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. (3) Regardless of the number of times I revise my writing schedule, midway through I always end up putting my personal projects on the back burner again, so when I redo everything, I’m able to work on those projects again. I guess you could say it re-energizes me. 😉

My Time Management Schedule, Which Should Work for You As Well

First, download the schedule. It’s a Word file so you can save it to your harddrive and edit it to your liking.

Now what you need to do is assign a day for each task. For instance, if you have several clients, then you need to mark three days out of your week as client days. Then you can pick the other days of the week as personal project and marketing days. To give you a better idea of what I mean, see my schedule below. (Replace what I’ve referred to as client A, B, C and D, and project A, B, C, D and E with the name of your clients and personal projects. Your hours may also be different, and you may need more or less time to complete what you’re working on.

Time Management Schedule for the Busy Freelancer

More Time Management Tips

  • Take advantage of email reminders and scheduling features. Let’s say you’ve planned three days of the week for client projects, but you have a few clients that require daily blog posts or articles from you. Well, on the days that you’ll be working for those clients, write those blog posts and articles ahead of time, and then use the schedule feature in your email or on the blog platform to submit your submissions on the days they’re due.
  • If you only work on your personal projects one day each week and you have too many to fit into one day, pencil in some of the projects for one week and the others for the following weeks.

Do you have a time management schedule or tips you’d like to share with Life of a Writer readers? Will my schedule help you manage your time better?


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