Unpredictable Endings

As most writers, I read a lot of books and enjoy a great book, but as I come close to the end, I find myself guessing the ending before I read it. For example, romances usually end with the man getting the woman and they live happily ever after. You know what I’m talking about, right? I have no problem with those endings, but the endings I love the most are the unpredictable endings, the ones you can’t predict until the very end. Furthermore, even though the ending was unpredictable, you’re still satisfied with it and anxious to rush to your nearest bookstore or favorite online retailer to buy another book by the same author.

While unpredictable endings are great and make a book unforgettable, as a writer I understand how difficult it can be to give your readers an unpredictable ending that will still leave them happy with the way you wrapped up the story. That said, one of my goals for 2009 is to create unpredictable endings for as many of my upcoming Christian fiction novels as I can. Since I know this goal may be a tough one to accomplish, I plan to study as many resources as I can for tips on how to create unpredictable endings. Why not join me and make it one of your goals for the upcoming New Year as well.

What are your thoughts on unpredictable endings? Have your read any novels with unpredictable endings you’d like to recommend? Have you ever written and published a novel or short story with an unpredictable ending? Please share your thoughts and/or tips on this topic in the comments area below.

Photo credit: Wesley Fryer

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