Update on My Father

First, I’d like to thank everyone who has contacted me and left comments. We appreciate all the prayers going out for dad and ask that you, please continue to pray for him. Now for the update…

I just got off the phone with my brother and he said dad is mean as ever, and when my husband, the kids and I visited last night, he was sitting up and talking to everyone. He seemed to be dad this time and really enjoyed the kids being there. Of course he asked me if I’d taken them out to feed them and made sure I had, so he was pretty much the same old dad.

Late last night Dad was transfered from the hospital in Marion, Illinois to Western Baptist hospital in Paducah, Kentucky (an hour drive from my house). We now know that on top of Lymphoma he also has Leukemia, so he’s fighting two kinds of cancer. As for his White Blood Cell count, it’s no longer 0, so we don’t have to wear masks anymore. In fact, they said his White Blood Cell count was higher than it’s supposed to be but was better than being 0.

Today they plan to run two more Catscans and an MRI, and tomorrow they’re going to do a biopsy.

Unless something major happens, I plan to stay home today to clean the house (people keep dropping by), and they expect dad to be released in 5 days, so I plan to bring him home with me to care for him and take him to his treatments and doctor appointments; therefore, more people will probably drop in to see dad.

I have to write the final “Biggest Loser: Families” recap for a client tomorrow night, and after that my brother has to return to work, so I’ll be spending more time at the hospital with dad.

That’s the only news that I have at this time, but I will do my very best to keep everyone updated. However, I can’t guarantee when I’ll be back online, because we have an ice storm moving into our area and I may end up stuck in Paducah, Kentucky. Since I may not be back online in a while after today, I’m going to go ahead and let comments go through instead of screening them, so watch the URLs before you click on them and I apologize in advance for any spam that may make it’s way through. When I get back online, I’ll delete any spam, but hopefully I won’t have any to weed through and delete.


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