Update: Promise to Myself …

OK, I know y’all are just dying to know if I’ve kept the promise to myself about not subscribing to the Big Brother live feeds this year. Well, guess what … so far so good. I’ve not yet subscribed, but I’ll admit I have been reading the Big Brother live feed recaps. I also won’t deny that I was just searching the Internet to see which Web sites offer the longest free trial for the live feeds. I guess you can say this is my way of taking myself away from the temptation. Oh, heck, who knows, I just may subscribe, and at times, I may even write my own Big Brother live feed recaps here, for y’all to read. I’ll let ya know if I break that promise. Normally, I don’t break promises, but this promise is to myself, so no one gets heart-broken in the process.

I tuned into Big Brother 8 last night and enjoyed the drama. At first, I didn’t really like Evil Dick, but now I’m starting to warm up to him. He dishes out excitement in the house — I just love the way he speaks his mind. Although, his free-spirited personality just may get him voted out of the house if he’s not careful. I was glad Daniele won the Power Veto and got herself off the chopping block, but I hate to see both Evil Dick and Joe up for nomination together. If America could vote out the houseguest this week, I would choose to vote out Joe. Joe is also very entertaining, but I like watching Evil Dick more than I do Joe. At times, Joe drives me crazy when he gets on the Dustin kick, but Evil Dick keeps me laughing. A lot of the drama going on in the house right now is why I’m close to breaking that promise to myself. The show doesn’t air a lot of the stuff that you can see on the live feeds, and I think I may have missed a great fight when Jen made Amber cry. I’ll bet this was something that had all you Big Brother live feed viewers glued to your computer screens, and I regret missing it.

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