Updating and Submitting

I’ve been working on the second edition of On the Net Resource Guide for Writers. I’m in the process of checking all the websites for dead links. My next task to tackle will be the dreaded index. I can’t express enough how much I despise creating the indexes. However, I am grateful that the biggest parts of the indexes have already been created, and all I have to do now is update the page numbers. I believe Microsoft Word makes this process easier, but I’ll have to read the help file to remember how it’s done.

In addition to working on On the Net Resource Guide for Writers, I’ve also been writing queries for some article ideas. Once I write the query, I search for appropriate markets for that article and submit. I’ll be sure to let you know when I get an acceptance, as well as where the article will be published. The articles are for writers, so I’m sure many of you will find them helpful. In fact, one of them deals with understanding contracts, and that one is educating me each time I do my research. So, not only am I going to teach you, but I’m teaching myself in the process. Yes, some things I already know, but when I do research for things I want to know more about, I find new, helpful information. Who knows, I may even end up with more than one article by the time I’m through researching this one. How? Simple, the new information could spark more ideas, and the more ideas the more money I earn. Unfortunately, though, most of what I earn goes toward bills. 🙁

I believe I’ll let you get back to what you were doing while I go and curl up next to hubby in bed. Until next time, take care of yourself and God bless.


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