Virtual Book Swapping

Richard Pickering & Robert Swarthout

Not only do I enjoy creating characters and stories through my imagination, but I also LOVE reading about characters in stories other writers have created using their imagination. I like to read the types of books I write: inspirational fiction and romance. Of course, I also enjoy a good book every now and then about freelance writing. However, once I finish a book, they just pile up until I find the time to get them to my local bookstore, which I trade in for other used books. Well, now I don’t have to go to the bookstore as often, because today I just found a great new Web site for bookworms like myself! At Paper Back Swap, I can list books I have read for others, and when I list those books, I’ll receive credits. Then, I will use the credits I received to order books others have listed that I haven’t read yet but want to read. What does it cost me? Well, the membership is free, and using my credits to order other books is also free, but I do have to pay at least $2.13 to ship any book I’ve listed to another reader who requests the book. Is it worth it? I think so, and I can choose from over 100,000 used books, in whatever genre I enjoy!

In 2005 Richard Pickering, founder, and Robert Swarthout, co-partner, launched Paper Back Swap. Since the launch, Paper Back Swap now has members in all 50 states including members from Puerto, Rico and Guam.

“I used to buy books on eBay or Amazon, but I was so frustrated with having to pay for the books and then all the extra handling charges in addition to the postage,” Pickering explained in a press release sent out in January of 2006.

Co-partner Swarthout added, “The goal of is to become the largest virtual library of paperback books in the world.”

So, do you have stacks and stacks of books you would like to trade with others? Are you looking for another good book to read in your favorite genre? Then you MUST visit Paper Back Swap today. Don’t worry; as I said earlier, membership is FREE. I just signed up myself, and I’ve already listed nine books and am waiting for two that I ordered with my credits to arrive. After you join, comment and let me know your thoughts on Paper Back Swap. Also, feel free to share any of the books you listed there. Who knows, I may be interested in what you read. Happy swapping… and reading!


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