Watch for My Upcoming Article in WOW! Women on Writing

Watch for my upcoming article, How to Keep Track of Your Research, in WOW! Women on Writing next month. When the editor replied to the query I sent, she said my article sounded like a fantastic and needed resource for writers. In addition, she also stated that it sounded like something she could benefit from as well. This acceptance made my day!

Later, I submitted the article, and I was ecstatic when she complimented me further. She commented that my article was great, and she even said she loved the blank templates I had sent, which she requested to go with the article. However, what made everything worthwhile was her next email. She mentioned that she was currently interviewing an author and my article inspired her to ask that author how she conducts her research. I’ve always enjoyed helping fellow writers, and to know I not only helped an editor/writer, but that I inspired her, makes the time I put into that article well worth it! Now, I just hope my article helps many other writers when it appears in the February edition of WOW! Women on Writing. This article will also have a download link to blank templates of the tables the article covers. So, not only will you get some helpful information on keeping track of your research, but you’ll also get some free bonuses too!

If you happen to read my article, please let me know if you found it as helpful as the editor did. You can drop me an email to send your feedback. Or, if you have a profile at MySpace, I’d love it if you send a request to be my friend. Then, once I accept your request, leave me a comment there. (Be sure to mention the title of the article so others will know which one you’re referring too.)

Yes, I know I was bragging here, but aren’t we supposed to brag in our blogs? Moreover, since my blog is about my writing life, what better place to express my joy over an acceptance. Besides, I hope that expressing my excitement over a great acceptance will be an inspiration to other writers. I hope it encourages them to keep submitting no matter how many rejections they get, because this just shows that acceptances like these will help you overcome the rejection part of writing.

Until next time, take care and God bless! For all you writers out there, keep on writing and submitting!

Update: The article: How to Keep Track of Your Research


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