5 Ways for Authors & Writers to Gain Buzz

Ways to Gain BuzzDo you remember the thrill you felt when you finally published your first book? How about when you landed your first big writing job? Well, what’s even more exciting is when you read an article about yourself or your book that another writer wrote. I know exactly how much joy you feel when your the one in the spotlight, and I want you to feel that same joy too, so here are five ways to gain buzz for your book and/or writing service business.

1. Share your knowledge with the public. Talk to the public about something relevant to your book. For example, if your protagonist is a domestic violence survivor, you can discuss domestic violence. Or if you’re promoting your writing services, share writing and/or publishing advice with other writers. Churches, local groups, colleges and schools are just a few of the places that welcome guest speakers. If they don’t send you an invitation, contact them. Be sure to mention the topic you’d like to discuss and your expertise on that topic.

Each time you schedule a speaking engagement, send a press release with a bit of information about yourself (you must show you’re an expert on the topic you’ll be talking about, so mention your book and any other expertise related to your topic). The info about yourself should be one or two paragraphs, and then you can include what you’ll be talking about. Also, don’t forget to mention the when and where related to the speaking event. If you’re like me and learn best by example, feel free to check out the press release I sent announcing one of my speaking engagements.

The press release announcing your upcoming speaking event could earn you some buzz, and you could receive more buzz after you speak. After I spoke to the Southern Illinois Writers guild in May, two writers wrote an article about me. One of the articles appeared on Sue Glasco’s Woodsong Notes blog, and the second article was published in John A. Logan College News.

2. Pitch radio shows and online chat rooms. If you’re invited to be a guest on the radio and/or in chat rooms, don’t use the time to promote yourself. Instead, offer free advice related to the product or service you’re trying to promote.

3. Volunteer in your local community. Become a regular volunteer for a local group or organization, and then blog about everything you’re doing to help the group or organization. Also, keep your Facebook fans, MySpace friends and Twitter followers updated on what you’re doing.

4. Host a book or author event. Get together with other authors and/or writers to share the cost of giveaways and food for the event. They may also help you plan the event, and, of course, everyone involved should share their guest lists.

5. Plan a fundraiser for charity. Fundraisers for special causes always get the media’s attention, so why not plan a fundraiser for your favorite charity. Make sure that you donate all the proceeds raised to that charity, and it helps if the charity you choose relates to your book in some way. For instance, if the main character of your book has breast cancer, you could pick a local charity that raises money for breast cancer research or helps breast cancer victims.

Like the speaking engagements, you should send press releases with news about what you did to help a group or organization, as well as press releases announcing your book events, author events and fundraisers for charity. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep your social network buddies updated, because there’s usually reporters, journalists and writers who watch status updates for news they can write about. 😉

What do you do to gain buzz for your book and/or writing service business?


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