Website Complete and Another Project in the Works

I’m happy to say I’ve finally finished remodeling my author site, so it’s back up for viewing. I hope that you’ll stop by to see my new look, and most of all, I hope you’ll let me know what you think about the look. You can send your comments or any suggestions you may have to me by signing my guestbook, posting your comments here or by email (see the contact information on my new and improved author site).

As always, my site will give you more information about me, my writing and my books. In addition, it includes a recent picture of me, since the one that was there before was over two years old.

Now that I’ve finished remodeling, I’m working on another project. Once completed, this next project will be announced on the front page of my author site and in the news section. The project I’m working on is an e-zine for writers. Yes, I know there are many newsletters and e-zines out there for writers, but I’m looking to take a different approach with mine. Mine will include topics that aren’t usually covered in other e-zines, and if they are, they are not covered as often. I don’t want to give it all away until I’ve finished the project, but I will say, I’m going to do my very best to make it different from all the others, and best of all, it will be a paying market for all you writers out there.

I expect the e-zine to be completed within the next month, but I will keep you updated. I’m only working on this project in my spare time right now. Since the project is my own, I also have to focus on paying assignments and my clients’ projects first. However, as I have the extra time, I will be putting this e-zine together.

If you’re a writer and have any suggestions for the upcoming e-zine, please send your suggestions by posting a comment. Send suggestions of things you’d like to see and read about in the e-zine that you don’t normally see or read a lot about in other e-zines, newsletters or magazines for writers. I’m excited about this new project, and I hope that it brings lots of help, guidance and advice to other writers.

That will do it for tonight. Don’t forget to comment on my author site’s new look as well as tell me your suggestions for my upcoming e-zine for writers. In case you’re wondering, I’m thinking of calling the e-zine Coffee Break with Misti Sandefur. If you have a better title suggestion, let me know — there will be something special in it for you later, if I choose your title.


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