Where Is Spring?

Spring is not only my favorite time of the year, but it is also the time of year where I seem to write more. This year, though, I wonder where spring is. It’s already begun, but the weather sure doesn’t feel like spring. Just the other morning I looked out my window and there were patches of snow on the ground. What! I thought it was suppose to be nice, sunny weather. Last night I heard on the local news that we were due for cold temperatures, and that’s exactly what today was. I even asked my husband tonight when spring was going to finally arrive, and he told me Wednesday. I can hardly wait!

You see, in the springtime I can open my window and door to let the sun shine in (yes, that’s singular, because I only have one window and door to open). I can also breathe in the scent from the spring air. The smells of spring is what relaxes me, and the relaxation helps get my creative juices flowing really good, but here lately my door and window have been closed, and my furnace has been running overtime. Man, a furnace in my neck of the woods should not be running in March! You know, I even wanted to plant some yellow rose bushes this year (I love flowers, and yellow is my favorite color), but I’m afraid to buy any and plant them, because I’m afraid the frost and cold will kill them. I don’t know a whole lot about gardening, but this is one subject I plan to research and study soon. If spring does actually come and it continues to stay that way, then I’m hoping it won’t be too late for me to get a couple rose bushes and plant them — this will be my first study on gardening. If my grandma was still with us she could help me out; Grandma had a knack for gardening.

Well, I’ll go now and hope and pray for some spring weather. I can’t wait for Wednesday. My door and window will be open, and I’ll be tapping away on my keyboard… guaranteed!


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