Writing and Cooking Lessons

I love having the kids home for the summer, but there are afternoons when I could just scream. Not because I don’t enjoy my kids and love ‘em to death, but because they apparently don’t understand that mom needs to work.

As I sat down the other day to write some articles for clients, the TV was on and no one appeared to be watching it.

“Mom has four articles to write today, so please try to be quiet,” I began.
“Okay,” they replied.
“Is anyone watching the TV?” I asked.
“Can someone shut the TV off, please?”

After they were kind enough to shut the TV off, they turned their attention back to their computers, so I immersed myself in mine. I managed to write and edit my first article in an hour’s time, without interruption. I was grateful and on a roll!

With one article successfully completed, I immediately began article number two. Unfortunately, that task didn’t go as smoothly as the first. I had managed to write two sentences and then the disruptions began.

“Do you want me to go to the store to get sugar now?” my stepson asked.
“Yes, please,” I replied.
“Mom, can I go with Chris?” JB, my oldest son, asked.
“Can I go too?” Joe, my youngest son, chimed in.
“Yes, you can both go,” I answered.

Soon after the boys left for the store, I turned my attention back to my second article. I’d hoped to get at least half of the article written before the boys returned from their trip to the local convenient store, which was only a 10 minute drive. (My daughter was at her dad’s, and would be there until August 1.)

Thankfully, I was able to complete half of the article before the boys returned from the store. But once inside, I think they had forgotten that mom said she had four articles to write, because it wasn’t long until I was answering one question after another.

After about 20 minutes of chatting and answering questions, the kids decided to play quietly in the other room. Hooray, time to finish the second article. Think again…

A minute later I heard, “Mom.”

“Hang on,” I told JB.

“What?” I asked, after I finished typing the thoughts I’d had in my mind.
“I’m going to fry some Spam.”
“Okay, I told him.

Because I was working at the kitchen table, he began asking me questions to make sure he was operating the stove the right way. It wasn’t long after that when Joe and Chris entered the kitchen, and that’s pretty much when everything came to a halt. (It’s also when I checked to see if any steam was rolling from my ears.)

I spent an hour and a half assisting with the cooking and answering questions before they all decided to go back into the living room so I could return to my work. Did I finish the articles? After a few more distractions, yes, I was finally able to write and edit the three remaining articles.

How about all you other writer moms out there, do you have any summer writing stories to share? Don’t be shy; you know you do.


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