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Once again I’ve been published in print, and this time I sold the article through a clip! Yes, friends, you read that correctly. See, a few months back I queried Southern Families Magazine and pitched my Make it Special: Crafts for Children article to them. At the end of my query, I listed links to two of my parenting-related clips. Well, when the editor replied she asked if the reprint rights were still available to one of the clips I had sent her. I immediately emailed her back to let her know the reprint rights were available. Soon after, she bought the reprint rights to the clip. I may not have sold the article I originally pitched, but I did make a sell, and it was the first time I’ve ever sold a clip through a query letter. The moral of this success story: Don’t forget to include those clips. You may not sell the article you pitched, but you could sell reprint rights to the clip you included as a sample of your writing.

The article, Perfect Gift for Baby, appeared in the November/December 2007 issue of Southern Families Magazine, and I received the check as well as a contributor’s copy in the mail a few days ago. I’d also like to comment on the magazine itself. After gloating over my article, I read the magazine and loved it! This was, indeed, a very informative and interesting magazine. I highly recommend it to any parent!

Note to self: Send the editor of Southern Families Magazine a thank you note for payment and publication, and express my availability for future assignments. Also find out how I can obtain a subscription to the magazine.


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