Writing Through the Distractions

Unfortunately, life’s problems sometimes get in our way. I don’t know about you, but there are times when distractions from my life’s problems interfere with my creativity. Once this happens, I discover it’s hard to focus and write. I can’t brainstorm, not to mention put a single sentence together. Death, tragedy, stress from marriage, relationships, bills, those are all distractions, and they can get in the way when we’re trying so hard to let the words flow from our fingertips.

When this happens to me, I force myself to get away from the computer and take a break. A break, of course, is the best thing in a situation like this. Aside from the break, though, I do a few other things so I can focus and write through the distractions. Following are a few of the other things I do to help me take control and get back to work, and just maybe they’ll benefit you the next time distractions from your life get in the way:

Discover Comfort Through God’s Word

The number one stress reliever for me is God’s word. When problems from my life distract me from writing, I grab my Bible and begin reading. Often I find the most comfort by reading in Psalms or Proverbs. If you have a hard time understanding the Bible, then I recommend Lillie’s post: Reading the Bible: Part 2 – Reading to Learn and Understand.

Write Through the Distractions

You may not be able to write for publication, but you can arm yourself with a journal and pen, go to a quiet place (indoors or out) and write your feelings on paper. Other than reading my Bible, this is the most therapeutic way to relieve my stress from the distractions that are taking me away from my writing.

Pamper Yourself

Soak in a hot bubble bath or drive to the spa. A little bit of pampering could be all you need to clear your mind.

Take a Walk

Put on those walking shoes and start walking. As you walk, breathe in the scents around you. Better yet, enjoy your walk, then pamper yourself afterwards. A double dose should really clear your mind!

How do you refocus when life’s problems leave you too distracted to write? Share your tips on writing through distractions by leaving a comment. After all, we could all use the help during those tough times


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