You Know You’re a Writer When …

… you sound like an English teacher correcting everyone’s grammar.
… you can’t enjoy a book, because you spend more time editing it.
… you carry a notebook and pen with you at all times.
… you dream about your novels.
… you get revenge on your enemies by making them a character in your novel.
… the letters on your keyboard fade within a year of owning your laptop.
… you have paper, pen and a flashlight on your nightstand.
… you pay close attention to the people and conversations around you.
… you need a bigger mailbox to hold day’s worth of mail.
… your favorite store is an office supply store instead of WalMart.
… you have a desk full of notebooks and napkins with all your ideas.
… your desk is cleaner than your house.
… your family wonders if you know how to fold the laundry.
… the couch you bought years ago still looks new.
… your mom calls to check on you, because you haven’t called or visited her in a while.
… you stop writing and realize everyone in the house is gone. Later, they return and tell you they went out to eat because they got tired of waiting on you to fix dinner.
… the majority of your laundry consists of gowns and flannel pajamas.
… coffee becomes your best friend.
… you read everything in sight.
… you’d rather be home writing instead of shopping.
… your dog brings you the empty food dish and barks.
… you’re getting the most use out of your son or daughter’s English book.
… you’re nodding your head to all these things.

Now it’s your turn.

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2 Responses to “You Know You’re a Writer When …”

  • Lillie Ammann:

    So true, Misti!

  • Jeff King:

    “You know you’re a writer when…” When the story becomes so vivid, it comes to life from your words. And your friends are figments of your imagination… And you hate sitting back down at your comp, but can’t pull yourself away… when making money is not the motive behind the pain and suffering…

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