Your Assistance is Needed, Please …

Next Wednesday (Jan. 30) I’ll wrap up my Building a Business Blog series at Pure Blogging, and this is where you come in. I’m planning more posts and would like your input. I write on blogging and promotion, but I know there are many overdone topics about blogging and promotion. Therefore, in an effort to try to bring something new to the table, I’d like you’re suggestions. Is there something more — something you’ve not read at all or read much about — that you’d like to learn about blogging, promotion or both? Please help me fill my plate by posting your suggestions in the comment area, and if I believe I can cover the topic, I will do so and post a link to it from here; this way you’ll know when I fulfill your request.

Surely there’s something that hasn’t been overdone on blogging or promotion you’d like to learn more about. Don’t be shy.


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