Back From a Hiatus That Lasted Longer Than it Should Have

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Can you believe it has been almost a year since my last post? When I started this blog in September 2005, I never thought it would be on hiatus for this long.

Although I have been busy with clients, I can’t use them as an excuse for my absenteeism, because it wouldn’t be the truth. Actually, the truth is something I never would’ve thought I’d be writing about, but I guess after 10+ years of writing for a living all (or most) writers begin to feel like I have this past year.

Where it All Went Wrong

Lack of motivation is what has caused me to neglect my blog for so long. In all my years as a writer, I never dreamed I’d get to feeling so low that I’d lose all motivation to write, but it happened.

You see, it’s extremely difficult to support a household of seven with only two incomes. My husband works extra hard, and to help with the bills, I work hard too. However, between the two of us, it’s still not easy to provide food and shelter for seven people under one roof, so I took on quite a bit of freelance work to help out with the household needs.

Since I filled my schedule with several clients, I haven’t had the time to write my Christian fiction novels. Not being able to find the time for my true passion these past few months caused me a lot of grief. I’ve been so upset over this that I actually lost my motivation to keep up with this blog. Well, I’ve decided that ends today, because I’m ready to rediscover that enthusiasm I once had!

The Plan

In addition to blogging again, I’m going to focus more on inspiring and warming souls through Christian fiction. I truly believe that is what the Lord has planned for me, and I’m not going to let Him down. I will still keep the clients I have and take on a few more, but seeing as writing heartwarming stories is what keeps me motivated the most, I figure the majority of my freelance work could come from writing and selling inspirational stories to help pay the bills.

I had a long talk with the Lord the other morning, and I asked Him to intervene. If Christian fiction is my true calling, which I believe it is, I know God will guide me and make sure that I earn enough to help with the bills.

Have you ever found yourself lacking motivation to the point where you slacked off because you couldn’t concentrate, or the words just wouldn’t come to you like they use to? Share your story by leaving a comment, and let me know what you did to overcome your dilemma.

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